Tender Writing & Bid Support Services

A successful tender needs knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas. It is not unusual that companies on occasions find that their resources are stretched or they do not have the skills available to cater for the demands in specific bid situations. In the last year alone Nb1 has helped clients win tenders to a total value in access of £500M..

Nb1 is a renowned expert and has extensive experience in the unique demands of tendering procedures both in the public and private sectors, particularly in regard to OJEC, GCat, SCat and other public sector procurement routes. We can provide:

  • Expert support and advice for Sales team leaders, bid managers and teams dealing with the demands of a variety of bid processes;

  • Detailed and focused analysis, collation and feedback on the project documentation e.g. PQQ, ITN, SOR etc;

  • Drafting and quality assurance of responses to the various stages of procurement;

  • Provision of detailed and focused analysis of the competition, client and all other stakeholders involved in the project; and

  • Facilitation of focus groups and workshops to develop the project win strategy.