Sentel Appoints New Chairman

Picture: Sentel Managing Director Ger Connery and newly-appointed Chairman Noel Brady discuss how their working partnership is taking the company’s exportable service to significant new clients.

One sure sign of success for Carryduff-based telecoms software company Sentel is the rarity of its local contracts. With 80 per cent of its business taking place outside Northern Ireland, the 14-year old company has been making huge strides in the last year under Chairman Noel Brady and Managing Director, with both men looking forward to further growth.

As export-led growth is recognised as a key factor in growing Northern Ireland’ economy, Sentel is taking a strategic step in the right direction. Last year, Sentel’s new TEM360 product development was coming to maturity and Connery sought Brady’s advice on positioning the product for market entry, particularly in the public sector across the UK and large managed service providers.

“The TEM360 is a product which really is centered on directed towards organisations that spend upwards of £500,000 on their telecommunications costs per annum, so you’re really talking about big public sector and large private sector organisations,” Brady explains.

Together, they set out to meet potential clients and developed a three-year marketing plan, which led on to Brady’s appointment as Chair. replica watches

“From a perception point of view,” Brady relates. “I was attracted to Sentel because they’re a young company, they’ve got an innovative product set and quite a lot of challenges to break into the market, but exciting business challenges.” The product needed to be taken to the next stage, Connery explains: “We could see that we now had an opportunity to go up the value chain and to pitch in at a higher level. Noel has vast experience at that level and we work very strongly as a team to deliver the right results.”

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